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Aktuelle Preise für Produkte vergleichen! Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei Amplitude-shift keying (ASK) is a form of amplitude modulation that represents digital data as variations in the amplitude of a carrier wave. In an ASK system, the binary symbol 1 is represented by transmitting a fixed-amplitude carrier wave and fixed frequency for a bit duration of T seconds. If the signal value is 1 then the carrier signal will be transmitted; otherwise, a signal value of 0. Amplitudenumtastung (englisch Amplitude-Shift Keying, abgekürzt ASK) ist eine digitale Modulationsart.Dabei wird die Amplitude der Träger verändert, um verschiedene Werte zu übertragen. Die einfachste Form der Amplitudentastung ist das sogenannte On-Off Keying (OOK), bei dem der Träger an- bzw. ausgeschaltet wird, um eine 1 bzw. eine 0 zu übertragen 4-ASK MODULATION. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next Multiplicación 999×999 en proteus - Duration: 10:20. clases.

Amplitudenumtastung - ASK. Nach der Beschreibung der Amplitudenumtastung werden Frequenzspektren der ASK bei harter und weicher Tastung gezeigt. Das Kapitel endet mit einer erklärenden Zusammenstellung zu Begriffen der Datenübertragung. Ist das Trägersignal zeitkontinuierlich, die Information als das modulierende Signal dagegen digital, so handelt es sich um eine digitale Modulationsart Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) is a type of Amplitude Modulation which represents the binary data in the form of variations in the amplitude of a signal. Any modulated signal has a high frequency carrier. The binary signal when ASK modulated, gives a zero value for Low input while it gives the carrier output for High input.. The following figure represents ASK modulated waveform along with its. ask-modulation-waveforms ASK Circuit Diagram. Amplitude shift keying modulation circuit can be designed with 555timer IC as an astable mode. Here, the carrier signal can be varied by using the R1, R2 and C. The carrier frequency can be instantly calculated by the formulae as 0.69*C*(R1+R2). A PIN 4 we will apply the input binary signal and at. Die ASK ist das einfachste digitale Modulationsverfahren. Bei der 2-ASK hat die Amplitude des Trägersignals zwei Zustände (0 und 1). Bei der 4-ASK hat die Amplitude des Trägersignals vier Zustände (00, 01, 11 und 01). Hinweis zur FM: Was hier als FM bezeichnt wird ist schon richtig As shown there are 2 carrier peaks in 2FSK modulation while 4 carrier peaks in 4FSK modulation. This is due to the fact that data are represented by 2 carrier phase shifts with respect to the main carrier frequency in the 2FSK while by 4 carrier phase shifts in the 4FSK. Digital radio technologies DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), dPMR (Digital Private Mobile Radio), LMR and NXDN make use of 4FSK.

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Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) is the digital modulation technique in which the frequency of the carrier signal varies according to the digital signal changes. FSK is a scheme of frequency modulation. The output of a FSK modulated wave is high in frequency for a binary High input and is low in frequency for a binary Low input. The binary 1s and 0s are called Mark and Space frequencies. The. Die Quadraturphasenumtastung oder Vierphasen-Modulation (englisch Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying oder Quaternary Phase-Shift Keying, QPSK) ist ein digitales Modulationsverfahren in der Nachrichtentechnik und eine Form der Phasenumtastung (PSK). Mit QPSK können pro Symbol zwei Bits übertragen werden

Implementation of Binary ASK Modulation and Demodulation using MATLAB Considering Fixed Information. 2.7. 6 Ratings. 86 Downloads. Updated 06 Jun 2018. View License. 4.4. ASK Modulation for Wireless Telemetry and Endoscopic Implants. In wireless capsule endoscopic systems, the data transmission from inside to outside the human body is high to achieve high quality medical images, so for quality internal biomedical imaging, Han et al. proposed a pseudo differential stacked class-A power amplifier based on phase lock loop (PLL) and RF conversion circuit. In. Amplitude shift keying - ASK - in the context of digital communications is a modulation process, which imparts to a sinusoid two or more discrete amplitude levels. These are related to the number of levels adopted by the digital message. For a binary message sequence there are two levels, one of which is typically zero. Thus the modulated waveform consists of bursts of a sinusoid. Figure 1. A constellation diagram is a representation of a signal modulated by a digital modulation scheme such as quadrature amplitude modulation or phase-shift keying. It displays the signal as a two-dimensional xy-plane scatter diagram in the complex plane at symbol sampling instants. The angle of a point, measured counterclockwise from the horizontal axis, represents the phase shift of the carrier. Frequency-shift keying (FSK) is a frequency modulation scheme in which digital information is transmitted through discrete frequency changes of a carrier signal. The technology is used for communication systems such as telemetry, weather balloon radiosondes, caller ID, garage door openers, and low frequency radio transmission in the VLF and ELF bands. . The simplest FSK is binary FSK (B

Figure 4 - ASK Modulator simulation Layout on FPGA. In #Figure 5 is reported the layout report of the modulator implemented above. The FPGA is the Cyclone III present in the Altera DE0 board. As clear from the report the modulator uses the internal RAM to implement the sine wave for the up-conversion and the resource required are low: less than 1% of the (small) FPGA. The working frequency. The waveforms in Table 4 show VCOIN (level-shifted digital modulating signal), VCOOUT (modulated signal) and corresponding DEM OUT (demodulated signal) at different frequencies of digital signal. 6 Implementation of FSK modulation and demodulation using SLAA618-November 201 what is modulation . Analog and Digital Modulation AM FM PM ASK FSK PSK part 1 #20 - Duration: 14:26. Rahsoft Radio Frequency Certificate 23,617 view

Lab 4 - Communication Systems. Amplitude Shift Keying. 4 Phase Shift Keying. Frequency Shift Keying Modulation Im Modulator sorgt der Datenstrom mit seiner Bitfolge für die Umtastung zwischen den Frequenzen. Er erzeugt das nach dem englischen Sprachgebrauch als Frequency Shift Keying bezeichnete FSK-Signal. Das FSK ist vergleichbar mit der analogen Frequenzmodulation. In der einfachsten Variante, der binären FSK, werden zwei feste Frequenzen verwendet. Bei der 4-FSK überträgt jede Symbolfrequenz. In this demonstration, we propose and experimentally investigate the quaternary-amplitude-shift-keying (4-ASK) modulation with digital filtering to enhance the direct modulation speed of white-light light-emitting-diode (LED) in visible light communication (VLC) system. Here, an ordinary LED commercially available for lighting application with a direct modulation speed of 1 MHz is used Figure 22.64-ASK modulation: (a) binary sequence, (b) 4-ary signal, and (b) 4-ASK signal. Figure 22.7 shows the modulator and a possible implementation of the coherent demodulator for M-ASK signals. Figure 22.7 (a) M-ASK modulator and (b) coherent demodulator. References [1] M. Schwartz, Information Transmission, Modulation, and Noise, 4/e, McGraw Hill, 1990. [2] P. Z. Peebles, Jr., Digital. ASK modulation. Learn more about ask . hye guys i'm really looking for some help to generate some code of a kind of modulation which is ASK modulation nd i really was working the whole day to get the code but i couldn't gt it so guys can i type the question : Write matlab code to generate ASK signal for bit sequence 1010010001. thanks all of yo

Hi my friends, I am very new at this. my teacher assigned us to built a 4-ASK Modulator with discrete components, the problem is that I have only found one ASK Modulator Circuit and it uses IC (chips), The problem is that I have no idea how is the diagram or circuit of a 4-ASK modulator... Can anyone show me a 4-ASK circuit diagram ? With all the components, I don't care if it is not 100%. Finden Sie die beste Auswahl von ask modulation Herstellern und beziehen Sie Billige und Hohe Qualitätask modulation Produkte für german den Lautsprechermarkt bei alibaba.co this code performs the qam modulation for M=4. it means one symbols carries 2 bits and the total number of symbols mapped in scatter plot are 4 The basic digital modulation types include ASK,FSK and PSK. FSK modulation spectral width is unlimited. In FSK, fc will jump sharp to fd. This decreases spectral efficiency to a great extent. Continuous phase FSK modulation having index of 0.5 is referred as MSK modulation. Refer 2FSK vs 4FSK modulation types >>. GFS QAM - Quadrature Amplitude Modulation / Quadratur-Amplituden-Modulation. Die QAM (Quadratur-Amplituden-Modulation) ist ein Modulationsverfahren, dass statt einer einfachen An/Aus-Tastung (0 und 1) mehrere Zustände von zwei, vier, acht oder mehr Bit zusammenfassen kann und ein Datenwort in ein jeweils 4-, 16-, 64- oder höherstufiges Symbol umwandelt

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- Since the information in ASK is transmitted in the amplitude of a carrier (similar to analog Amplitude Modulation), the information is easily corrupted by additive noise (for example, AWGN). In. The word modulation seems to imply continual movement or change. Obvious examples include the wow of a wobble bass sound or the sonic movement in a resonant filter sweep. And because these effects are easily heard as dynamic changes to a sound's timbre, it can be assumed that some kind of modulation is being applied to a filter's cutoff frequency. But it's important to realize that. OOK, ASK, FSK Modulation 01/17/17 1 of 19 www.murata.com. Figure 1 ASK Figure 2 ϕ 2 ϕ 1 ϕ 2 ϕ 1 Threshold Threshold OOK Χοπψριγητ ♥ Μυρατα Μανυφαχτυρινγ Χο., Λτδ. Αλλ Ριγητσ Ρεσερϖεδ. 2007 ΟΟΚ, ΑΣΚ, ΦΣΚ Μοδυλατιον 01/17/17 2 οφ 19 ωωω.µυρατα.χοµ. FSK Figure 3 From these diagrams it is apparent that the. 4. ASK - Amplitude shift keying • Amplitude-shift keying (ASK) is a form of modulation that represents digital data as variations in the amplitude of a carrier wave. • The amplitude of an analog carrier signal varies in accordance with the bit stream (modulating signal), keeping frequency and phase constant. • The level of amplitude can be used to represent binary logic 0s and 1s. 5. Figure 11-4 is the basic block diagram of ASK modulator, which the balanced modulator can meet the objectives of amplitude modulation, and the bandpass filter will remove the high frequency signal to make the ASK signal waveform perfectly. We use the MC1496 to implement the balanced modulator in this experiment. Figure 11-5 is the internal circuit diagram of MC1496, where D 1, R 1, R 3, Q 7.

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MODULATION AND DEMODULATION Baseband input x[n]: shaped pulses to band-limit signal Carrier signal Transmitted signal t[n]: mix (multiply x[n] and carrier) Figure 14-4: The two modulation steps, input filtering (shaping) and mixing, on an example signal. we get t[n] = ￿ kx ∑ k=−kx A ke jk Ω 1 n ￿￿1 2 (e c1 +e− 1) ￿ = 1 2. Obtain BER of M-ASK Modulation for M = 2,4,8,16 and Compare Simulation and Analytic Result Im Kapitel Lineare digitale Modulation des Buches Modulationsverfahren wurden die digitalen Trägerfrequenzsysteme ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying) und; BPSK (Binary Phase Shift Keying); bereits ausführlich beschrieben. In diesem Kapitel wird nun die Bitfehlerwahrscheinlichkeit dieser Systeme berechnet, wobei von dem skizzierten gemeinsamen Blockschaltbild ausgegangen wird


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Chapter 4 - Radio Frequency Modulation PDF Version. Digital phase modulation is a versatile and widely used method of wirelessly transferring digital data. In the previous page, we saw that we can use discrete variations in a carrier's amplitude or frequency as a way of representing ones and zeros. It should come as no surprise that we can also represent digital data using phase; this. Figure 5 shows an ASK modulator to generate an ASK type active load modulation. Active load modulation, ISO 14443 type A @ 106 kBit/s. Common passive load modulation. 1Bit (~9,8 µs) Figure 6 shows the RF Signal at 13.56 MHz of an active and a passive transponder, while transmitting the same data signal. 3.1 Influence of the antenna size The influence of the antenna size on the data.

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Ask.Audio is your ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers Figure 4 shows the ASK modulated waveform, where. Input digital signal is the information we want to transmit. Carrier is the radio frequency without modulation. Output is the ASK modulated carrier, which has two amplitudes corresponding to the binary input signal. For binary signal 1, the carrier is ON. For the binary signal 0, the carrier is OFF. However, a small residual signal may remain. Till now, the modulation techniques were used for analog signal, but now the modulation techniques we will discuss are used in digital signal modulation. First is ASK, it is very much similar to AM, in which Amplitude of the carrier is varied in proportional to the digital baseband signal. As digital signal is a binary signal, so we will have only 2 different amplitude value in ASK. ASK. A 4-PSK modulated signal has a bit rate of 2000 bps; the baud rate is _____. 2000 ; 1000 ; 4000 The minimum bandwidth for an ASK modulated signal with a baud rate of 5000 is _____ Hz. 1000 ; 2500 ; 5000 ; 10000 ; 23. On a 16-QAM-constellation diagram, each constellation point represents a _____ dibit ; tribit ; quadbit ; pentabit ; 24. In which type of modulation can the bit rate be four.

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Single-sideband modulation MW & RF Design / Prof. T. -L. Wu 4 The upper sideband is selected from the mixer output with a bandpass filter, although the lower sideband could be selected, if preferred. Note that the demodulator LO is identical in frequency and phase with the modulator LO; this is called a synchronous, or coherent, demodulator. 2011/2/21 MW & RF Design / Prof. T. -L. Wu 5 The SSB. Figure: Constellation plot for QPSK (4-QAM) constellation. The scaling factor of is for normalizing the average energy of the transmitted symbols to 1, assuming that all the constellation points are equally likely.. Noise model. Assuming that the additive noise follows the Gaussian probability distribution function,. with and. Computing the probability of erro Digital Modulation. In most media for communication, only a fixed range of frequencies is available for transmission. One way to communicate a message signal whose frequency spectrum does not fall within that fixed frequency range, or one that is otherwise unsuitable for the channel, is to alter a transmittable signal according to the information in your message signal ask demodulation 4 BASK and in matlab... its d modulation and demodulation A binary signal m(t) should be transmitted over a channel and received in its original form. For this to work the signal is mixed with a cosine function with specific carrier frequency and then transmitted. The channel is noisy resulting in noise added to the modulated.

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Modulation ASK acronym meaning defined here. What does ASK stand for in Modulation? Top ASK acronym definition related to defence: Amplitude-shift keyin Question 4. Why Frequency Modulation Is Better Than Amplitude Modulation? Answer : Modulation is better as it provide more resistance to noise as compared to demodulation. Power Electronics Tutorial ; Question 5. What Is Digital Modulation And State Various Techniques? Answer : We can consider it as conversion of analog to digital signal. Its various techniques are: PSK- Phase shift keying.

(1 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5) This post is a part of the ebook : Digital Modulations using Matlab: build simulation models from scratch - by Mathuranathan Viswanathan. M-QAM Modulation: In M-ASK modulation the information symbols (each k=log2(M) bit wide) are encoded into the amplitude of the sinusoidal carrier. In M-PSK modulation the information is encoded into the phase of the. Um diese Energieverschwendung bei schwacher Modulation zu verringern, Beim Rundfunk wird im AM-Bereich für Sprache und Musik ein standardisiertes Frequenzband von 4,5 kHz Breite (von 0 Hz bis 4,5 kHz) übertragen, was zu einer Bandbreite B = 9 kHz führt. Beim Bildsignal des Fernsehens reicht das Basisband bis etwa 5,5 MHz. Leistungsbetrachtung. Die eigentliche Nutzleistung steckt in den. However, I/Q amplitude modulation is different from the AM technique discussed in Chapter 4: in an I/Q modulator, the signals that modulate the I/Q sinusoids are not shifted such that they are always positive. In other words, I/Q modulation involves multiplying I/Q waveforms by modulating signals that can have negative voltage values, and consequently the amplitude modulation can result. Hackaday writer Danie Conradie has recently posted a new tutorial explaining the difference between some common RF modulation choices. To do this he uses various RF hardware modules, and an RTL-SDR Blog V3 unit to view the spectrum of each modulation type. In the post he compares Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK), Frequency Shift Keying (FSK), and LoRa バイポーラaskとも言う。bと同じである。 4値ask 一回の変調(1シンボル)で2bit伝送するaskである。 性質 振幅変調しているので振幅ノイズやフェーディングなどの振幅変化に弱い。 単純なaskの場合は、変復調ハードウェアが簡単で済む。 etcで用いられている狭帯域askの場合は、fskと同様.

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  1. The output is a baseband representation of the modulated signal. To apply QPSK modulation: Create the comm.QPSKModulator object and set its properties. Call the object with arguments, as if it were a function. To learn more about how System objects work, see What Are System Objects? (MATLAB). Creation . Syntax. qmod = comm.QPSKModulator. qmod = comm.QPSKModulator(Name,Value) qmod.
  2. 1.1 Modulation - Einführung • Modulation: Veränderung eines Trägersignals in Abhängigkeit eines Nachrichtensignals • Ziele: - Benutzung kleinerer Antennen - Frequenzmultiplex mehrerer Teilnehmer - effiziente und robuste Übertragung. 1.2 ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying) • Umschalten der Amplitude eines sinusförmigen Trägersignals zwischen zwei oder mehr diskreten Stufen • Vorteil.
  3. In this code, the default value of M is 4. So this code works as 4-QAM modulation. Cite As Md. Salim Raza (2020). ask audio processing digital communicaion digital modulation fsk ofdm qam wireless. Cancel. Discover Live Editor. Create scripts with code, output, and formatted text in a single executable document. Learn About Live Editor. QAM_mod_demod_salim.m × Select a Web Site.
  4. Where θ, is the instantaneous phase of the modulated carrier, and sinusoid ally varies in proportion to the modulating signal. Therefore, after PM, the instantaneous phase of the modulated carrier can be written as: θ = ω c t + K p e m-----(4) Where, kp is the constant of proportionality for phase modulation
  5. Setup for phase-coherent FSK modulator. The AD9959 4-channel DDS produced the results shown in Figure 3. Its two additional channels serve as a phase reference for the two switched frequencies at the summed output, making it easier to demonstrate the phase-coherent switching. The summed output, shown in the upper trace, exhibits phase-coherent switching. The middle two traces show reference.
  6. ASK, PSK, FSK modulation and BER vs SNR calculation . 4.7. 13 Ratings. 49 Downloads. Updated 08 Apr 2011. View License × License.

Synonym: Schmerzmodulierung. 1 Definition. Unter Schmerzmodulation versteht man Veränderungen in der Schmerzwahrnehmung, die durch neuronale Prozesse des ZNS gesteuert werden. Schmerzmodulation kann Schmerzen verringern oder verstärken. 2 Hintergrund. Der genaue Ablauf der Schmerzmodulation ist Gegenstand intensiver Forschung, die überwiegend auf tierexperimentellen Beobachtungen beruht Modulation, the process in which the carrier signal is varied according to the information bearing signal also called the modulating signal. During modulation, some characteristics it can be amplitude, frequency, or phase is varied in accordance with the original information-bearing signal that has to be transmitted

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Hi my friends, I am very very new at this. I am from Venezuela, my teacher asigned us to built a 4-ASK Modulator with discrete components, the problem is that I have only found one ASK Modulator Circuit and it uses IC (chips), The problem is that I have no idea how is the diagram or circuit of Modulation technique is used to change the signal characteristics. Basically, the modulation is of following two types: Modulation Techniques. Analog Modulation; Digital Modulation; Analog Modulation. In analog modulation, analog signal (sinusoidal signal) is used as a carrier signal that modulates the message signal or data signal. The general function Sinusoidal wave's is shown in the.

The ideal model for ASK transmission is very simple. The IEEE 802.15.4-2006 standard utilizes root-raised cosine pulses as defined below: The pulses are multiplied by a PSSS code table which effectively spreads the signals over the operating band. Offset Quadrature Phase-shift Keying The IEEE 802.15.4-2006 can also use O-QPSK modulation in the 868/915 MHz band. The form of O-QPSK used in the. Quadrature amplitude modulation, QAM, when used for digital transmission for radio communications applications is able to carry higher data rates than ordinary amplitude modulated schemes and phase modulated schemes. Basic signals exhibit only two positions which allow the transfer of either a 0 or 1. Using QAM there are many different points that can be used, each having defined values of. 1.2.4 Codage 2B1Q 1.2.5 Codage Manchester 1.2.6 Codage Manchester différentiel 1.2.7 Codage bipolaire ou AMI 1.2.8 Codage HDBn ou BnZS 1.2.9 Codage nB/mB 1.3 - Les modulations de base 1.3.1 Modulation de fréquence (FSK) 1.3.2 Modulation de phase (PSK) 1.3.3 Modulation d'amplitude (ASK) 1.3.4 Modulation QA seconds the modulator transmits one of the two carrier bursts that corresponds to the information bit being a 1 or 0 Binary 1: Coherent ASK/FSK Noncoherent ASK/FSK. 11/18/14 11 Quadrature Modulation Schemes!! In BPSK the phase of the carrier burst is shifted 0 or 180 degrees every pulse or symbol interval depending upon the information sequence. Thus each modulated carrier pulse transmits. Modulation • Modulation is the process of modifying the Modulation - Amplitude-shift keying (ASK) - Phase-shift keying (PSK) EdiEncoding - Rd h tReader chooses type -FM0 - Miller (M=2, 4, or 8) DataratesarevariableData rates are variable -FM0 [single reader mode] -40 Kbps up to 640 Kbps -Miller (M=2) [multi-reader mode] -20 Kbps up to 320 Kbps -Miller (M=4) [dense.

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Buy ASK/FSK 433Mhz 4 Buttons Flip Floding Remote Key Fob Control For Peugeot 1007 For Citroen C8 VA2/HU82 Blade CE0523 (HCA Ce0523, ASK Modulation) online on Amazon.ae at best prices. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase (27 votes, average: 4.04 out of 5) Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) is a two phase modulation scheme, where the 0's and 1's in a binary message are represented by two different phase states in the carrier signal: for binary 1 and . for binary 0. In digital modulation techniques, a set of basis functions are chosen for a particular modulation scheme.

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4 EE4900/EE6720 Digital Communications Suketu Naik QuadratureAmplitude Modulation (QAM) Applications QAM (rhymes with Guam and VietNAM) is commonly used in communications Example1: DOCSIS Cable modems use 64-QAM, 256-QAM for downstream channel (to home) and QPSK, 16-QAM for the upstream channel (from home) Example 2 This post discusses Digital Modulation Techniques (ASK, FSK and PSK). The Waveforms, Definition and Basic Concepts of each digital modulation Techniques are discussed here. You will find here the basic difference between digital modulation and analog modulation. The digital modulation techniques are amplitude shift keying (ASK), frequency shift keying (FSK) and Phase shift keying (PSK) An ASK modulator which modulates an input signal in accordance with a logic level of the input signal, changes the amplitude of the input signal, and generates an amplitude shift keying (ASK) modulated signal is provided. This ASK modulator has an oscillating means for generating a carrier signal, a frequency filter means which passes a prescribed frequency component of the input signal and.

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The most fundamental digital modulation techniques are Phase-shift keying (PSK), Frequency-shift keying (FSK), Amplitude-shift keying (ASK) and Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM). Lets discuss only the QAM which is widely used in radio communication especially in LTE. Quadrature amplitude modulation is used in radio communication as it is able to carry higher data rates when compared to. 3.4 Störverhalten..24 4 Rundfunk- und Fernsehtechnik.....28 4.1 Analoger Hörrundfunk.....28 4.2 Analoger Fernsehrundfunk.....30 Literaturverzeichnis.....32 . C. Roppel: Grundlagen der digitalen Kommunikationstechnik. Fachbuchverlag Leipzig, 2006. Analoge Modulationsverfahren und Rundfunktechnik 2. 1. Übersicht Analoge Modulationsverfahren sind heute insbesondere für den Hörrundfunk. Digital amplitude modulation (ASK) Practical Digital Wireless Signals. Practical Digital Wireless Signals. Chapter. Chapter; Chapter references; Aa; Aa; Get access. Check if you have access via personal or institutional . Log in Register Recommend to librarian Print publication year: 2010; Online publication date: August 2010; 4 - Digital amplitude modulation (ASK) Earl McCune; Publisher. Binary Modulation In binary signaling, the modulator produces one of two distinct signals in response to one bit of source data at a time. Binary modulation types. Binary PSK. Binary FSK. Binary ASK. 4

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