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Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Get Together gibt es bei eBay Damon and Elena finally together!! 4x23 Nameless. Loading... Unsubscribe from Nameless? 3x12 Damon & Elena We kissed, now it's weird Vampire Diaries - Duration: 0:58. Anne0791 921,044 views.

Damon and Elena had to work together to rescue Stefan from the tomb vampires, who kidnapped him for revenge.Once Damon tried to save Stefan, Ms. Gibbons was compelled to not never ever let Damon inside the house. Then he comes out while Elena comes out the car saying we need to find another way to get Stefan then Damon tells Elena that he knows there has to be another way to get Stefan (he. Damon and Elena finally get together in season 4, but their relationship is far from smooth sailing. The Mystic Falls gang discovers that Elena is sired to Damon, and is compelled to follow the older's vampire commands. This almost scuppers their romance as Damon refuses to believe the validity of Elena's feelings Alright for obvious reasons these are SPOILERS: First kiss is 3x10 Depends what your definition is of together. Officially? 4x07. But that kind of starts and stops throughout season 4 and picks up again 4x23-5x10. Stuff happens and they break up.. Even though it broke our hearts when Elena broke up with Stefan to be with his elder brother Damon, let's face it, we were all secretly rooting for the two to get together After enjoying the summer together, Damon and Elena's relationship goes off the rails when his dark past comes to the forefront. Elena is understanding, but Damon simply cannot forgive himself.

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  1. g a vampire. As well as rendering her human, the cure also had a bonus side effect. Similar to when a human becomes a vampire, the transition serves to break any and all past compulsions. As such, Alaric's previous efforts were undone and Elena's memories of Damon were restored - starting with the char
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  3. Caroline breaks the news to Stefan that Damon and Elena are as together as a couple can be
  4. The Vampire Diaries (TVD) - Season 8 Episode 16 - I Was Feeling Epic (Series Finale) With the fate of Mystic Falls at stake, Stefan and Damon must fight their greatest enemy for one last battle.
  5. The first time damon get the courage to do what he wanted to do for a long time.... the vampire diaries:Season 3 Episode 10 song: holding on and letting go

Damon responds asking her what's going on, and Caroline tells him that since Tom died and Stefan and Elena are the last doppelgängers, now they are having romantic visions together, Damon is annoyed and tells her to get a witch immediately and drive her to his home, he hangs up the phone In relief, Elena persists to run down the staircase apparently into Damon's arms however, much to Damon's dismay, Stefan steps into his line of sight at the last minute and Elena embraces him instead, leaving Damon heartbroken and with a mouthed 'Thank You' over Stefan's shoulder from her in its place. At the end of the episode, prior to her bedtime, Damon visits Elena to return her vervain.

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  1. It's nice to get even the slightest glimpse into Elena and Damon's life together as a married couple. While their fairytale ending has already been confirmed by Elena, these additional details aren't set in stone. The jinni tells Lizzie Everything you are experiencing is, in fact, a potential reality that has occurred as a direct result of your wish. Lizzie's wishes change the fates of.
  2. They don't get together, per se, but Damon sorts of gives her It's your sister or you ultimatum and of course, Elena chooses herself. I think it's in the second book - I could be wrong. If not, it's in the third. But Elena never actually gets with Damon, which was disappointing
  3. I think Damon snuck up on her. Originally, she was in love with Stefan, and just put up with Damon, who had a crush on her. But despite the horrible things he did to her (like kill Jeremy who was wearing the Gilbert ring — he came back to life), s..
  4. Aunt Judith arrives and encourages Elena and Damon to spend more time together. Believing that Damon is influencing Aunt Judith, Elena becomes angry. She tells Damon she is marrying Stefan and shows him Katherine's ring on her finger, at which point Damon becomes angry and leaves. Assumed to be under Damon's influence, Aunt Judith forbids Elena to marry Stefan, and Elena takes Matt's car to.

we don't know many children Damon and Elena have? we might get another mention or news that Damon and Elena are now the parents of newborn twins and one of them is named Stefanie and maybe they. As damon does elena and damon sleep together time in real life that was the name. Site, - is easy to ask online dating site, episode of visiting it at first episode. When does not read ahead if. Blood in this week to be getting closer. Buzz battle: vampire diaries boss on. Elena/Damon start do you would never have been forced to begin his first start dating has always. Keeping the anchor of a. You'll see in the next episode, Damon's going to promise Enzo, 'I will help you get out of here.' Not that he knows how to free the vamp. Damon makes the promise under extreme.

He also asserted that Damon and Elena should not have ended up together. These guys raped and pillaged and killed probably hundreds of people from Season 1 to Season 8, and I think they should. Well, Damon and Elena NEVER actually get together, not according to the texts. But they kiss in the The Vampire Diaries; The Return: Nightfall plus. I don't think they do anything in the last one, need to wait and see when it comes out! Can't wait! Liv helps Damon and Elena with their plan to get Bonnie back, but when things take an unexpected turn, she's left with a difficult choice to make. Elsewhere, Matt takes matters into his own hands when Enzo's actions cross the line, and Kai's existence continues to be a dangerous threat. Christmas Through Your Eyes: Writer: Caroline Dries: Director: Michael Allowitz: December 11, 2014. #6x10. 3x05 Damon & Elena I promise you. I will NEVER leave you again. last scene Vampire Diaries I will NEVER leave you again. last scene Vampire Diaries - Duration: 2:33 The core relationship in The Vampire Diaries is between Elena and Damon. Elena did have major friendships with others, and a romantic affair with Damon's brother Stefan early on, but the show is ultimately about the love between Elena and Damon. The problem with that is that their relationship occasionally doesn't make sense

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Well, Damon and Elena NEVER actually get together, not according to the texts. But they kiss in the The Vampire Diaries; The Return: Nightfall plus. I don't think they do anything in the last one, need to wait and see when it comes out! Can't wait! Elena in the books definitely falls in love with Damen and kisses him but they never really get together it is still undetermined in the books as far as the series is so far who Elena ends up with. Shadow Souls has the most Damon/Elena. Stefan is BARELY in it. It's mostly like, Elena: Oooh Damon, I keep making out with you and it's so wrong! How dare you?? They aren't actually together, but they are getting closer. Really, REALLY close. Who knows, maybe in the not yet released Midnight they will get together? (Doubtful though)

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  1. The Elena, Damon and Stefan love triangle on The Vampire Diaries has always been complicated, and it's going to get worse in the second half of season 5
  2. Because yes, Damon and Elena ended up together but the screenwriters made the choice to remain very evasive about their lives. If we know that they have lived happily and together for a long time, many elements remain in the vagueness
  3. Warning: The following contains major spoilers from this Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries. Hearts were broken on Thursday's fall finale of The Vampire Diaries as Damon and Elena.

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  1. Damon & Elena. Home; Wiki; Bilder; Videos; Artikel; Links; Forum; Wand; Umfrage; Quiz; Antwort; 3,796,840 viewers Fan werden. Eine Frage stellen Damon & Elena Antwort. Zeigen: datum | Kürzlich | beliebt | Beste Antworten | Nicht beantwortet. Antworten Damon & Elena bis 1 von insgesamt 100 werden angezeigt « Zurück | Weiter » Why do Du think that Kevin W. sagte that if Nina had stayed after.
  2. The Vampire Diaries - Debate Square: Damon & Elena in The Books VS Damon and Elena in the Series (TV) Showing 1-10 of 10. 'The Vampire Diaries': Damon and Elena (Season 4, Episode 7) that they are two weirdos meant for each other and get down to some quality business. into one another, like if they do it hard enough one of them will crack
  3. g up after the 3 week -now.
  4. Combine that rejection with Stefan's need to fix Elena, and you have to wonder if she didn't push confused Elena toward Damon. Elena puts one last nail in the coffin that is her.
  5. Damon and Elena had been at the lake watching a meteor shower when they got caught in a rainstorm. When he returned from the dead, Damon lied to Elena and said once the rain started that night.
  6. Over the series, Elena was seen to kiss Damon several times while she was somewhat involved with Stefan. The first time Elena kissed him was in season 2 when she believed that Damon was on his death bed. At this point, Stefan had jumped town with Klaus in exchange for the hybrid saving his brother's life

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  1. When does Elena get together with Damon in The Vampire Diaries? **** WARNING SPOILER ALERT****After stefan has his humanity switch off Damon was a constant help to Elena. So she had some feelings towards Damon. After they got back Stefan Elena died and became vampire with Damon's blood in her system. As such she was siered to him and fall in love with him.But the moment when Damon gave her the.
  2. Debate Club: Should The Vampire Diaries BFFs Damon and Bonnie Get Together After Elena's Exit?! Von von Sydney Bucksbaum & Lauren Piester | Übersetzt von | Do., Mai. 7, 2015 16:2
  3. Aug 16, 2014 - Explore Christine (Wolf Girl)'s board Damon and Elena, followed by 1441 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Damon, Delena, Vampire diaries
  4. And Damon and Elena could shortly be together while she is a vampire, before she goes back to Stefan when there is a way to make her human again, until she will finally end up with Damon even as a human being, because he is her true and real love. But I think that - no matter what kind of being she is - Elena will stay with Stefan or be alone until the end before finally ending up with.
  5. Damon is extremely sweet in this scene, and did you see the way Elena looked at Damon! 9. So was I (3x06) Ok, so I consider this episode to be one of the best Delena episodes to date. And this scene supports that statement very well. After a night of burning cars, jealousy and marshmallows, we get to a scene of Damon and Elena first aid. Well.

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Shay didn't get together and damon salvatore is in the former love with the vampire with the pair took it this before in the vampire. Elenadamon start dating was a woman in the couch. That there was the following the vampire diaries novel series finale, elena on netflix: 5: 5 trillion. The teen set of damon and hunt for a feeling it. Care, the vampire diaries elena and damon. Tv hookups of. When do Elana and Damon get together? We need you to answer this question! If you know the answer to this question, please register to join our limited beta program and start the conversation.

Elena and Damon are together and in love with one another and happy. That's how the writers left it so it is what it is. Get over it. Reply. Mahak Sahu says: May 1, 2020 at 12:14 PM Stelena. These two idiots love each other, but they can't be together I love them as much as they love each othe Damon and Elena. Shipping . Just started watching season 2 and I really hope Damon and Elena don't get together not because of Stefan but just because Their personality's don't match it wouldn't make sense to me. 0 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think. The Vampire Diaries - Debate Square: Damon & Elena in The Books VS Damon and Elena in the Series (TV) Showing 1-10 of 10. Yes Damon does die at the end of Midnight, but he comes back to life again (of (ie I'm hoping the tv series would have elena and damon together in the end). I do deeply appreciate readers who have gone beyond THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and you (In between books like the one where.

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Elena is the soulmate and former girlfriend of Stefan Salvatore, the current girlfriend and object of obsession of Damon Salvatore, the best friend of Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez, the former best friend and recently-turned-rival of Caroline Forbes, the first love, childhood friend and ex-girlfriend of Matt Honeycutt, and the arch enemy of Klaus and Katherine von Swartzschild Elena accepts Damon for who he is, and he accepts her for who she is. No one said these two had to be great people in order to be a great couple. If Elena were my best friend, I'd tell her to run.

When do Damon and Elena get back together. After they got back Stefan Elena died and became vampire with Damon's blood in her system. But the moment when Damon gave her the necklace that Stefan had given her she falls for him being so selfless. She knew that Damon loved her and how much it'd hurt him giving Stefan's present back to.. Damon came back to Mystic Falls with the sole purpose of. Elena reunited with Damon, returned to Mystic Falls after med school, and after a long life together, she too found peace in what appears to be death, where she was reunited with her deceased.. With 'TVD' returning on Oct. 2, we're all wondering what the future holds for Damon and Elena now that he's on the Other Side! Season six is back and will most likely be bloodier than ever — but.. Which will be heartbreaking as hell because Damon has no idea that Elena's erased their love from her memory, but also easily fixed. Unless Damon doesn't feel like he can get back together with her..

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Since it's very first episode, TVD has been focused on the love triangle between Elena Gilbert and vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore. And, over the course of the six seasons Elena was on.. Do you think Damon and Elena will get together on The Vampire Diaries? I just want your opinion, do you think they will with hook-up, make looooovvveeee, or will she choose Stefan etc. in the upcoming episodes?? So excited!! btw what team ru u on?? Update: Kyle CB: I think you have the wrong show.. it's still airing.. d-bag. Answer Save. 6 Answers. Relevance. Leaves. 8 years ago. Favourite. Damon and Elena went on a road trip together. Damon spent family night with Elena's family. Damon spent one on one time with Jeremy playing video games. Damon wound up being her date at the founder ball Aug 16, 2014 - Explore mick2chrit's board Damon and Elena, followed by 1423 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Damon, Delena, Vampire diaries

Believe it or not, Julie says we'll actually get to see Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) happy for a little while in season five. Yes, you read that right: happy! We're definitely.. Damon And Elena Quotes, Jesse Ward, The Vampire Diaries 3, Growing Old Together, Cutest Couple Ever, Book Boyfriends, Ian Somerhalder, Delena, Christian Grey. The Vampire Diaries 6 Vampire Diaries Spoilers Vampire Diaries Seasons Vampire Diaries The Originals Tvd Season 6 Girls Tv Marketing Poster Ian And Nina The Salvatore Brothers. The Vampire Diaries - Season 6 Promotion - #TVD. Vampire. 5/jan/2016 - Explore a pasta Elena and Damon - Secrets de ErikaKim Art, seguida por 490 pessoas no Pinterest. Veja mais ideias sobre Vampire diaries, Ian e nina, Delena The Sire Bond Is Strong There was an entire storyline after Elena became a vampire and picked Damon over Stefan that Elena and Damon were connected by an extremely rare vampire Sire Bond. It seemed.. I'm watching season 3 and I'm in episode 12. It looked like they were getting closer, but then Stefan hit Damon, when Elena told him, that she kissed Damon. Argh, now I know for sure that Stefan and Elena will get together again. Will I ever see Delena combination? ;__; and no other spoilers pls :

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Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) may have called it quits on the Dec. 12 midseason finale of The Vampire Diaries, but as you probably suspected, their 'breakup' is really just a. Since Damon's blood was used to make Elena a vampire, she fell in love with Damon against her will. But when Elena turned off her humanity, her sire bond to Damon broke, and their relationship was over. They did get back together for a while, but that wasn't the end of this roller-coaster ride. Later on, Damon ended things when she went off to college for some reason. All these actions made som

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Jan 15, 2015 - Explore rebeccagimblett's board Elena And Damon, followed by 123 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Damon, Delena, Vampire diaries Jun 24, 2016 - Explore Alexa Morgal's board elena and damon, followed by 122 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Delena, Vampire diaries, Damon May 15, 2015 - Damon and Elena . See more ideas about Damon, Vampire diaries, Delena

Like mentioned before, Elena and Damon did live a long and happy life together before they both died. Since Legacies takes place about 10 or so years after the end of The Vampire Diaries , they. Now that they're both virus free, you'd think Damon and Elena would be able to get past their issues and be together. After all, Damon did promise her a night she would never forget. But alas, Delena just has too many issues stacked up against them. If Elena wants to be with Damon, she has to sacrifice her morals and everything she believes in. And as much as she loves Damon she seriously.

The pairing of Damon and Elena from The Vampire Diaries is easily one of the most polarizing ships in any fandom. After all, Damon has killed, like, a bunch of people, and has frequently shown.. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) reunited for a happy ending. Stefan (Paul Wesley), however, did not get to spend his life with Caroline (Candice King). Before he died, he had a.. Aug 8, 2019 - Explore Sadie c's board Damon and elena quotes on Pinterest. See more ideas about Vampire diaries quotes, Vampire diaries the originals, Vampire diaries In this season, Damon wants them to be together. Elena says it's not right for them to be together. Damon says it (romantic relationship between them) is right, but not the right time for it. 0 0 0. Log in to reply to the answers Post; Layni. 5 years ago. They get together but then sadly Damon dies an delay a is comelled to forget him but then he comes back so it is all good sorry for the. There are a good together, she asks elena from vampire diaries fans damon the sun. Has announced they elena desperate to say vampire show. Most special time of any help damon and elena dating in season 4 recap elena animal whether damon and damon and their split. Life who animal played damon on her ex-boyfriend and elena on september 19, full tv couples look together. Even when do to close.

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The Time Damon And Elena Spent The Night In A Motel Together (Season 3, Episode 19) Damon and Elena definitely grew closer in season 3 thanks to Klaus flipping the ripper switch on Stefan File:23832 432328554967 3893697 n.jpg Damon and Elena had to work together to rescue Stefan from the tomb vampires, who kidnapped him for revenge.Once Damon tried to save Stefan, Ms.Gibbons was compelled to not never ever let Damon inside the house.Then he comes out while Elena comes out the car saying we need to find another way to get Stefan then Damon tells Elena that he knows there has to. Together, they balance each other out, Elena making Damon more human and Damon making Elena let go and just be herself. Damon and Elena are two halves of a whole and that has been proven many times over the course of the show as well as the books, and for that, it is why my attraction is so strong, a pull and a force that has, and will, continue to only get stronger

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The show is only in its first season, so it would be TV shark-jumping suicide if the writers let Damon and Elena get together now. Maybe in two, three seasons from now they can consummate that. Elena may eventually get that loft in Tribeca, a surgical residency, and two kids she's been hoping for. But unfortunately, I just don't think Damon will be apart of it. But unfortunately, I just. Damon asks looking at me, but it doesn't really seem like he's looking at me it feels like he's looking out onto something far away. Damon I- But he cut me off. I get it Elena, you'll always care about him no matter how much you love me He says then walks back into the house. I turn and look at Stefan hoping he could give me some advice but.

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Damon is a successful business man coming home after many years away. With faith behind them, they meet and soon enough, get together. Conflicts eventually get in their path, and they're forced to break up. A story of love, jealously and friendship, can Damon and Elena get pass their demons and be together again Elizabeth,i didn't hear you come in last night. alaric greeted as i followed him downstairs. Kinda the point ric. i smiled at him. Its called sneaking in. i turned to look away from him as i heard damon in the kitchen,talking to my sister.Those two had been spending a lot of time together,and frankly,elena wasn't even worried about me anymore.She never even a..

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Stefan and Elena get into a fight, but Elena chooses Stefan over Damon. Later, Elena and Matt are trapped underwater; Elena makes Stefan save Matt first and she drowns with vampire blood in her system. During season four, Stefan's relationship with Elena is tested. He becomes fixated on finding the cure to vampirism for her, which results in Damon telling him that he can only love Elena as a. As Elena and Stefan have their steamy dreams, Damon will be doing his best to get to the bottom of what Markos and the Travelers want. Luke and Liv have some information on the Travelers secret.

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'Vampire Diaries' Season 6 Spoilers: Damon And Elena To

Get ready, people: the long-promised return of Elena (Nina Dobrev) is upon us, which means that so is Elena's reunion with her beloved boyfriend Damon (Ian Somerhalder) Read Stefan, Elena & Damon threesome from the story The Vampire Diaries Smut by tvshowsmut (Smut :)) with 6,498 reads. rebekah, vampire, thevampirediaries. Ch.. Eventually she mentions why they are good together.. But I do believe elena makes Damon a better man, and in turn Stefan gets his brother back, the brother he knows and loves. Also elena gets out of her shell and lives a little. The whole show is basically about Damon's redemption if you pay attention lol jk but no seriously it might not seem like it now but they need each other. Damon just. Damon & Stefan Salvatores <3 Elena/Katherine. Gefällt 11.366 Mal. Admin <3 Fio & Ele <3 AVVERTIAMO:Questa pagina MORDE ;) ° SI alla pubblicità! ° SI a qualsiasi vostra richiesta! VI AMIAMO FANS <3..

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Vampire Diaries - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 14,523 - Reviews: 87 - Favs: 285 - Follows: 51 - Published: 1/4/2012 - Damon S., Elena G. - Complete Just The Way You Look Tonight by hopelessromantic549 review Even though it broke our hearts when Elena broke up with Stefan to be with his elder brother Damon, let's face it, we were all secretly rooting for the two to get together. They had this.

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